Funded project – Feasibility study on valorisation of stone fruit waste

Last updated: 20 January 2023
Project lead: Monash University
Project partners: Cutri Fruit
Status: In progress
Funding source: Circular Economy Innovation Fund
Funding amount: $26,155
Co-contribution: $37,850

A feasibility study to valorise stone fruit waste (e.g. peaches, avocados, plums, prunes).

Food Circular economy Research


This project conducted research into the opportunities to turn stone fruit waste (e.g. peaches, avocados, plums, prunes) into valuable products.

It delivered a detailed literature review on the composition and potential for extraction of valuable products and other processing to provide valuable products from stone fruits from farm production streams.

This included a search of patent literature and identification of current commercial ventures for creating products from stone fruit production by-products.


Identifying opportunities for new circular products.

young woman in blue dress holding several apricots in her hand The project will develop innovative solutions and commercially viable options where all parts of the discarded fruit can be valorised.

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Professor Antonio Patti