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Last updated: 30 August 2021

Accelerating a circular and climate-resilient economy…

You spoke, we listened and now here we are. Welcome to the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre, also known as CEBIC (pronounced 'see-bik').

In February 2020, the Victorian Government announced Recycling Victoria – A new economy (RV). This 10-year, over $300 million investment and action plan will transform Victoria’s waste and recycling system.

RV recognises that Victorian businesses are central in the transition to a circular economy and details a commitment to improving business productivity, reducing waste and accelerating innovation.

From this commitment, CEBIC was born.


Going circular can generate significant benefits for all business types and sizes, from creating jobs to providing opportunities for growth. But, going circular is also about our environment – reducing waste generation, making more from less, increasing re-use and repair, and ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Opportunities for reducing waste generation are particularly prevalent in material-intensive sectors such as construction, manufacturing, food, and fibre.

CEBIC will drive all of this and more by providing businesses with the support they need to innovate, adopt, and implement circular economy opportunities and business models.

We will:

  • bring together businesses, industry bodies, research organisations, governments and communities to collaborate and respond to innovation challenges
  • foster innovation and collaboration across supply chains to reduce waste, increase re-use and repair and generate new streams of revenue for business
  • encourage investment and leverage Victoria’s design and engineering expertise.

A virtual centre

Our virtual centre is agile. From new events and insights, through to funding opportunities, this centre will continue to grow.

In the meantime, you may be wondering how our virtual centre works and what it all means for you.

Events, networking and facilitated opportunities

Through our event series, networking opportunities and workshops, we will work to develop partnerships with organisations at the leading edge of circular economy innovation. We will also enable new partnerships and collaborations across sectors and supply chains. These will solve shared challenges and achieve measurable and scalable benefits.

For more information, view our Events section.

Are you interested in chatting with a member of the team? Book a time with us.

Funding and capability support

Are you already sitting on a great idea, or interested in making a change but not sure where start? We have funding opportunities and capability building support to help businesses and collaborative partnerships identify, design and/or implement innovative circular economy solutions.

For more information, view our Grants and funding section.

Research, insights, and a ‘what works’ approach

We will lead and share research, market intelligence and best-practice insights, all collated through CEBIC’s activities and partnerships.

A virtual hub (this site) to bring it all together

Best of all, we will share all of the above via a single, easy-to-access virtual hub!

Our virtual hub will also link to relevant circular economy events, opportunities and funding sources outside of CEBIC.

Let us know if you're working on an idea that we can share.

An expert advisory group

Our virtual centre will also be supported by an expert advisory group called the Circular Economy Innovation Advisory Committee. The group is made up of business and academic leaders, who will provide advice on industry needs, centre priorities and further support us to build effective partnerships.

Learn more about the expert advisory group.

Partnerships and collaborations

We create and join partnerships, and collaborate with other organisations on events and research projects to support and accelerate business innovation in Victoria.

Learn more about our partnerships and collaborative projects.

Our circular economy

Our vision is for a circular economy that continually seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption, while enabling economic growth through productive use of natural resources.

It allows us to avoid waste with good design and effective recovery of materials that can be reused. It promotes more efficient business models that encourage intense and efficient product use, such as sharing products between multiple users, or supplying a product as a service that includes maintenance, repair and disposal. The value we obtain from the resources used to create goods and services increases.

It transforms our linear economy mindset – take, use and throw away – and fosters innovation and productivity that invigorates existing businesses and creates new ones, delivering more jobs, more growth and more social inclusion to the local, regional, state and global economies.

Resource flows in a circular economy

Focus areas

We are taking on annual focus areas.

Our annual focus areas allow us to direct resources to where they will have the greatest impact on waste reduction and materials efficiency.

We will change the focus area each financial year in response to emerging priorities.

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