Towards developing a digital platform for a systemic shift to a circular economy: Progress report 1

Last updated: 7 September 2022
Prepared by: Swinburne University
Prepared for: Victorian Circular Activator and Sustainability Victoria
First published: 29 March 2022


This report describes the development of a prototype Theories of Change (ToC) that draw on multiple theoretical frameworks and experiences of transformation towards a more circular, sustainable society.

These ToCs are designed to guide further data collection, conversations with industry and government, as well as provide a conceptual foundation for industry co-learning and coordination through a Virtual Intermediary that the Victoria Circular Activator aim to prototype.

This report outlines the thinking about how a virtual intermediary can be used to support the transition towards a more circular economy: The project methodology and ToCs identified through literature, a beta-taxonomy of actors within the circular economy activation pathways and a description of the next steps in the research project.

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