Funded project – Returnr Marketplace

Last updated: 20 January 2023
Project lead: Cumulo Group
Status: In progress
Funding source: Circular Economy Business Support Fund
Funding amount: $500,000
Co-contribution: $525,500

Creating the ‘Returnr Marketplace’, Australia’s first zero-packaging-waste, membership-based, online grocery delivery service. This new business model enables local producers and food brands to sell their products in fully reusable packaging, collected from customers after use to be washed, sanitised and reused time and time again. Returnr makes packaging a service, not a product, enabling circular economy outcomes.

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Returnr Marketplace is an online zero-waste grocery and meal delivery service. The membership-based service allows customers to place weekly food and grocery orders online. The central distribution hub dispatches deliveries to customers in specially designed tote bags and empty containers are collected for washing and reuse.

Additionally, the Returnr Marketplace App will create a platform that can be used by any grocery, café, or restaurant business to reduce or eliminate single-use packaging waste.


  • Implement a new circular-economy-based business model.
  • Prevent generation of single-use packaging waste.
  • Increase access to circular economy products and services for households and businesses.
  • Demonstrate the commercial feasibility of a zero-waste circular-economy business model.
A person places their reusable containers in a Returnr bag.

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