Sustainability Victoria events at MPavilion

Published: 1 February 2023

CEBIC’s focus in 2023 is on circular design, a practice that prevents waste and pollution from the outset. Circular design ensures products and materials are used at their highest value and are made with safe, circular materials as well as minimal resources.

MPavilion, Australia’s leading architecture commission, hosts a diverse program of events. Their events are a highlight of Melbourne’s design calendar. As part of MPavilion’s program this year, Sustainability Victoria is presenting 3 events that demonstrate how circular design is critical to transitioning Victoria to a circular economy. And they’re all free.

Foresight: Understanding design futures

Sustainability Victoria’s Florian van den Corput is a designer, engineer and advisor on the circular economy, who bridges the gap between policy makers and researchers. At this event he will explain the role of forecasting, AI and creativity in mapping out the potential futures of energy and materials. Join Florian on Sunday 26 March 2023.

Scrapping the take-make-waste economy for circular design

Hear from a panel of experts on Monday 27 March 2023 as they discuss:

  • the rise of biomaterials and biophilic design (design that connects people to the natural world)
  • designing out waste and pollution
  • regenerative design (involves closed-loop processes that restore, renew or revitalise their own sources of energy and materials).

How recycled plastics could shape our circular economy future

Recycled plastics could play an innovative role in shaping how consumer and household products can be reused in a circular economy future.

This combined exhibition and presentation gives a behind-the-scenes view of the lifecycle of plastic products, where the biggest problems are occurring and what we can do about them.