Showcasing circular solutions with Boomerang Labs

Published: 11 August 2022

On Thursday 28 July, the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre (CEBIC), in partnership with Boomerang Labs, hosted a pitch showcase at Sustainability Victoria. This was an opportunity for key circular economy industry stakeholders and partners to hear about the groundbreaking work of the Boomerang Labs 2022 accelerator cohort.

Boomerang Labs exists to help the best startups deploy their circular economy solutions. They run a 6-month long startup accelerator program which provides critical capacity building support in the form of workshops, mentoring, coaching and networking. This support helps these emerging businesses build their foundations, foster key partnerships and raise capital investment to scale.

Startups are based in NSW, ACT and VIC. One of them, GrainOut, is a CEBIC grantee from the Circular Economy Innovation Fund.

With startups spanning the themes of furniture, fashion, packaging and organic waste, the program cohort targets several core challenges of a circular economy transition.

Startups present groundbreaking work

Read more about the 8 presenters and their pioneering circular solutions below.

Feedback Organic

Co-founders: David Sivyer and Christina Robberds.

Feedback Organic is a circular economy business based around urban farms, offering a closed loop of food-waste-into-food driven by local communities.


Founder: Amelia Crook.

Ownershift partners with Australia’s most innovative fashion brands to enable their take-back program and branded re-commerce store

Cercle Co

Founder: Patrick Manley.

Cercle establishes circular systems that negate the need for single use waste in busy CBD environments by understanding human behaviour and introducing convenience-based reuse.


Co-Founders: Danling Xiao and Anett Petrovics.

ReCo is a local refill delivery service to help consumers reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions. They use a local delivery and collection system by offering refills in reusable jars. They refill a range of products from established brands, including eco-friendly cleaning products, organic dried foods and health supplements.


Founder: Seamus O’Sullivan.

GrainOut manages food and by-product waste. Find out more about GrainOut and their CEBIC Circular Economy Innovation Grant funded project on reducing food waste in manufacturing by developing food products.


Co-founders: Josie Grenfell and Annabel Schweiger.

Food2Soil processes commercial food waste using biotechnology, producing a high quality, biologically live liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner, a “kombucha” for plants and soil.

Green Furniture Hub

Founder: Justin Hatchett.

Green Furniture Hub redirects surplus office furniture and fit-out items from real estate projects away from landfill to other organisations.


Founder: Paul Levins.

EverCase solves big problems in the cold supply chain that industry have endured since commercial freezing was invented almost 160 years ago. ‘EverCase’ freezes food without ice crystal formation.

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