Fighting food waste: Solutions and support for business

Published: 1 March 2021

Victorian businesses took a deep dive into why and how to implement food waste solutions as part of the National Sustainable Living Festival.

The seminar ‘Fighting food waste: solutions and support for business’ was the first in a series of food waste events that the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre is hosting.

Attendees were treated to evidence for and insights on food waste opportunities for business across the supply chain, shared by our speakers:

  • Mark Barthel, Chief Operating Officer at Stop Food Waste Australia
  • Claire Leach, founder and Chief Executive Officer of HATCH Biosystems
  • Michele Canepa, Supply Chain Director of General Mills Australia and New Zealand (GM ANZ).

The event followed the release of our new research report The Path to Half: Solutions to halve Victoria’s food waste by 2030, which explains the true cost of food waste in Victoria and gives us the first-ever Australian perspective on the impacts of food waste and food production on climate change, water loss and economic cost.

Businesses have a key role in reducing Victoria’s 2.4 million tonnes of food waste and they have a lot to gain. The Path to Half identifies the most impactful solutions as we work towards halving food waste in Victoria by 2030. Many offer businesses with opportunities to save money, diversify, grow and make a difference.

If you’re from a Victorian business tackling food waste, apply for the Recycling Victoria Business Support Fund.

If you attended the session, please provide us with feedback.

See what was discussed

Illustrations were done in real time to capture key ideas and insights raised at the event.

Details are in the video recording of the event. Illustration of key ideas raised at the event. © Copyright Rasalila Humphrey
Details are in the video recording of the event. Illustration of key questions and answers during the Q&A session. © Copyright Rasalila Humphrey

Relive the event

Watch the full recording of the event below.