#GoKindly: closing the loop on pillow waste

Published: 25 November 2022
Breakfast in bed with Co-founders David and Laura Conti and #GoKindly pillows.

Acknowledging that all products have a lifespan, #GoKindly wanted to find a way to reduce the landfill burden of used and discarded pillows. Their investigations into recycling and end of life processes for pillows found a lack of affordable and practical solutions. So, they located an Australian fabric recycler and created a partnership to close the loop on pillow waste.

#GoKindly recycle their old pillows into yarn that is then used in the manufacture of new goods and garments. They are Australia’s first pillow recycling program. To encourage the recycling of pillows at the end of their lifecycle, they offer customers a 15% discount on new pillow purchases. And they manufacture locally and ensures fair wages are paid. Fifty percent of profits go towards supporting housing stability initiatives for vulnerable women.

#GoKindly are a proud social enterprise who are one of only two bedding brands in Australia to become B Corp certified. This means they meet stringent social and environmental impact standards. #GoKindly manufactures their pillows in Melbourne with ethically and sustainably sourced materials. The packaging used is 100% compostable and uses zero plastics. Since 2019, #GoKindly has avoided upward of 5,490kg of plastic entering the supply chain. #GoKindly recognise they aren’t perfect but strive to be better each day.


Textile waste is a major problem, so #GoKindly wanted to be part of the solution, not contribute to it. Launching an Australian first program has taken significant time and resources, but they are proud to be living by their values of sustainability and being kind to the planet. The biggest barrier has been affordable and trustworthy partnerships onshore, where they could offer trusted recycling options.


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Learn more about #GoKindly’s pillow recycling program www.gokindly.com.au/pages/recycle-program