Recycling Victoria Business Support Fund – Stream 2: Implementation grants – Funded projects

Last updated: 31 August 2021
Number of recipients to date: 6
Total funding awarded to date: $3,288,500
All projects to be completed by: June 2022

Stream 2 of the Recycling Victoria Business Support Fund supports:

  • businesses
  • charities and other not-for-profit organisations
  • industry groups and consultants as either individuals or within a collaborative partnership

to implement circular economy solutions across one or multiple businesses.

These grants will accelerate the uptake of evidence-based circular economy business opportunities and approaches in Victoria.

They are funded through the Recycling Victoria policy.

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Fund recipients

Round 1

Announcement date: 15 July 2021

Six recommended projects received a total of $3.29 million to implement new circular economy business models, products, and services.

These projects will support Victorian businesses to reduce waste and extend the life and value of products and materials currently wasted. They are the next step in establishing a true circular economy in Victoria.

These projects will deliver new circular business models that:

  • prevent more than 36,000 tonnes of waste each year
  • deliver more than 27,000 tonnes of new recycling capacity.

These innovative business models will improve materials efficiency and deliver triple bottom line benefits to our environment, society and economy.

Boundary Bend Olives

Australia's largest olive oil producer will build an industry-first facility to upcycle more than 28,000 tonnes of olive waste each year into new products. This will reduce waste and deliver substantial greenhouse gas reductions.

Learnings will be shared with the local olive industry to accelerate awareness and increase uptake of solutions.

Project partners: Australian Olive Association

Funding: $500,000

National Paper Industries

Building a new regional facility to transform 10,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard waste into a new recyclable edgeboard product. This project will create a new recycling market in Victoria and a new locally manufactured product that can replace single-use plastic edgeboard, which is currently imported from overseas.

Funding: $346,000


Establishing a Victorian first 10,000 tonne insect bioconversion facility to recycle food waste into new products, including animal feed and fertiliser, using black soldier fly. Located in Melbourne, this facility is the next frontier in food waste recycling and builds on years of research and development supported by Sustainability Victoria.

Project partners: Cleanaway

Funding: $942,500

Fresh Select

Establishing a food processing hub in the South Werribee growing district, this Victorian-first facility will upcycle surplus vegetables and by-products into value-added foods and ingredients, helping local growers achieve 100% crop utilisation, while minimising food waste on farms, pack-houses and food manufacturing.

Project partners: NutriV

Funding: $500,000

Cumulo Group

Creating the ‘Returnr Marketplace’, Australia’s first zero-packaging-waste membership-based online market. This new business model enables local retailers to sell their products in fully reusable packaging, collected from customers after use to be reused time and time again. Returnr makes packaging a service, not a product, enabling our circular economy.

Funding: $500,000

Tuff Group

Delivering Australia's first synthetic turf recycling facility, in regional Victoria, with a processing capacity of 7680 tonnes per annum. Recovered materials, including plastic, sand and rubber, will be reused in the installation of synthetic turf, and any surplus materials will be sold back to the market.

Funding: $500,000

Stream 1: Identification grants grants

Run in parallel to Stream 2, the Stream 1: Identification grants program seeks to support business to investigate how to adapt and apply circular economy business opportunities and approaches.

To view the funding recipients, view the Recycling Victoria Business Support Fund – Stream 1: Identification grants Funded projects page.

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